Need You Like I Need Satisfaction

ellie jayne. 21. london.
With a sleight of hand I might die


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I’ve been sat on a train for nearly an hour when it should taken 15 minutes to get to london bridge. I’ve finished my book and have nothing to do. Someone save me please?

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Anyone wanna come see jamie t with me at ally pally?

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Found out today that Ned Vizzini committed suicide last December. Don’t know how I only just found out but I’m really fucking sad.

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Kanye, Jonah Hill, & Sam Smith at the 2014 British GQ Awards 9/2/14

I fucking love this.

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i fucking love adele. i really, really do.

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learning the art of simplicity. becoming very comfortable with myself. going to stop being someone i wish i was and run around in simplicity. well, lazily walk. life is simple and i like it. fuck this whole cool facade. stop playing up to the latest trends. be who i wanna be.