Need You Like I Need Satisfaction

ellie jayne. 21. london.
With a sleight of hand I might die


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FYF polaroids 

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Got published on Feminspire. Read it. Give me your feedback.


The anatomy of Amy Winehouse - an infographic.

I bought a new jumper today and tried it on. My sister said it made me look slimmer. I replied ‘I’m not fat’. She then proceeded to call me an ‘obnoxious cunt’.

Well sorry for being comfortable with my size. Yes I am large. Yes I aim to loose a few stone. But don’t tell me that I should look slimmer.

Comments like this make me feel like shit.

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if you don’t love me at my emo, you don’t deserve me at my goth

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Sitting in a bar in soho. Me and ZOE are going out to a bar tonight. I’m drunk. I want to invite a guy but he’s slept with someone I know and I don’t want to look desperate. But we have mutual friends and I’m paranoid he’ll say no and show them and I don’t like the thought of that. She typed out a message. I haven’t deleted it but I haven’t sent it either. I don’t know. It’s just so fucking boring being on my own, you know? Like I’ve been single forever and no one pays any fucking attention to me. I’m gonna stop. Zoe is back now.

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Does any one know any good places to sell books?